Fishy Game

When you play, you have to try to eat the smaller fishes in the sea to make yourself grow. It will take plenty of fish to grow to a large size so be patient. As you eat fish, you will also collect points so you will get some idea how well you are doing. As you prey on the smaller fish in the pond, watch out for the all of the fish bigger than you. If they get the chance, they'll eat you in this fish eat fish world. You grow very slowly as you eat but when you do get bigger it can be very difficult to avoid the very big fish. On the flip side, as you grow, there will be more and more fish that you'll be able to eat. The key with this game is to be as patient as possible because you don't want to take risks by swimming too close to the edges of the screen where a big fish might suddenly jump out at you and gobble you up. Stay in the middle where you'll have time to react and pick off the little fish whenever you get the chance and you'll do fine.

[ Arrows: Move | Swim into little fish to eat them | Hint: The screen wraps ]

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