Critter Cannon

Critter cannon is a funny spin off of the more popular Kitten Cannon. This flash game plays the same way that Kitten Cannon does too. Shoot critters out of your cannon and see how far you can launch them. Snakes and roadkill are bad and will slow down your poor critter or even stop them dead in their tracks (in case the fall didn't already kill them), bombs and explosives normally would blow critters into millions of bloody little pieces but in this game, the bombs will send your critter further and faster so they are a good thing. Equally good are the lawn chairs. They will act as a spring board and, much like the bombs and explosives, they will bounce your critter further giving him more momentum. Now tell me what could possibly be more fun than blasting poor hapless critters out of a cannon for no apparent reason? Well, probably a lot of things are more fun but this is still a great flash game. See how far you can launch the critter!

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